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About us

Aidenvironment is a not for profit values driven consultancy providing services and research in sustainable production and trade. We create social, environmental and economic value seeking a fair distribution across stakeholders. Our combination of strategic capacity, extensive on the ground experience and transparent methods makes us a leader in the field.


Impact achieved

Aidenvironment, as small as it is in terms of staff, is proud to have had a considerable impact in recent years, a few examples:

  • We contributed to a significant decline in threats to deforestation and peatlands by palm oil expansion, through our involvement in NDPE policies by major palm oil companies in Indonesia and Malaysia
  • By undertaking a series of evaluations, we have contributed to improved understanding within Fairtrade of how positive effects on small producers can be improved and effectively monitored, as a basis of a process of continuous improvement
  • We contributed to the design and implementation of a research program that aims to merge scientific and civil society understanding of conflict and cooperation in the management of natural resources.
  • We significantly contributed to improved understanding among key players from private, public and civil society sectors, of how sector transformation towards more sustainable supply chains can be achieved
  • We contributed to improved access and use of WASH services in several countries because of the DWA program. The DWA has been implemented during the last 5 years and is being finalized in December 2015. A decision on possible exit funding for the DWA – Dutch Wash Alliance – is still pending.

Aidenvironment regularly explores new and less orthodox fields of work. As forerunners, our consulting and research in these areas is groundbreaking. Our incubating work provides us with the necessary know-how to effectively up-scale smart, small-scale initiatives.

Field experience

Working for internationally operating clients, we perform 50 field assignments a year. Our fieldwork covers the principal commodity developing and producing markets in West and East Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia, the latter served by our Indonesian branch Aidenvironment Asia.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Aidenvironment is a member of MVO Nederland as well as a member of UN Global Compact. MVO Nederland is a knowledge and network organization for corporate social responsibility (CSR), supporting businesses to make their processes and practices more sustainable. Aidenvironment has also developed a Code of Conduct which is always communicated to our clients and added to our quotations as a basis of our quality of work and relations with clients. Download the CSR statement.

Click here to download Aidenvironment’s Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy.
Click here to download Aidenvironment’s Whistle Blower Policy Statement.

Supervisory Board

Aidenvironment has a Supervisory Board. The duties of the Supervisory Board are to supervise the policy of the Management Board and the general affairs of Aidenvironment. It assists the Management Board with advice. Among others, the following resolutions of the Management Board are subject to the approval of the Supervisory Board: the appointment of the registered accountant, the adoption of the budget and the annual accounts, the determination of and changes to the policy plans formulated for any year or a series of years. The Supervisory Board of Aidenvironment consists of:

Anneke Slob (Chairperson Supervisory Board)
Jan Oomen (Member Supervisory Board)
Paul van Ruiten (Member Supervisory Board)
Myrthe Haase (Member Supervisory Board)

Aidenvironment is registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, number 41208024.