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Many of our clients in Europe prefer to work with local consultants, who have a better knowledge of regional contexts. But language barriers and ensuring quality and timely delivery can be problematic. To bridge that gap in Southeast Asia, Aidenvironment operates a regional representative office in Indonesia.


Combined strengths
The regional office provides consulting services to donor organizations, NGOs, government bodies, and traders and investors in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. It combines the strengths of our Dutch consultants with local expertise.
Specialist consulting
Our consultants are specialists in sustainability issues in natural resource-based trade and in investment in forestry, agribusiness, land use planning and mapping, and community, non-forest timber products. We have extensive in-house expertise on oil palm, timber, rubber, and mining as well as certification schemes.
Long-standing presence
Senior consultant Eric Wakker has represented Aidenvironment in Southeast Asia since 2002. He has coordinated numerous consultancy projects relating to natural resource management and trade, with a focus on the forestry, plantation and agricultural sectors in Southeast Asia. This work is based on Aidenvironment’s Resource Trade Cycle model, which demonstrates how actors at different levels influence the market chain of major global agro-commodities.
Diverse expertise
Aidenvironment Asia is supported by experienced field investigator Adri Zakaria. Consultant Meri Orth is an expert on tropical forestry, focusing on social forestry and the people who depend on the forest for their livelihood. Most recently she has been working on coal mining projects.
"Aidenvironment is a value-driven, independent, not-for-profit consultancy addressing sustainability issues"
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