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We maintain a network of Southern and Northern strategic partners who provide additional knowledge, expertise and advisory capabilities, and have local presence or network access. Our partners increase our ability to fully assist our clients, obtain up-to-date information and work on relevant and urgent issues. We also work through alliances for the achievement of specific sustainability objectives. For examples:

Chain Reaction Research:Chain Reaction Research: a consortium between Aidenvironment, Profundo and Climate Advisers. Chain Reaction Research conducts sustainability risk analysis for financial analysts and investors. Our special focus is on sectors that deal with environmentally intensive commodities, especially those sourced from tropical regions e.g. palm oil, and pulp and paper. We explore whether unsustainable corporate practices introduce unreported risks – and how sustainability leadership can mitigate those risks and provide competitive advantage. We provide pre-IPO checking of claims about risk and assets reported in prospectuses. We also review claims made by publicly traded companies. More information can be found at


Wash Alliance International Wash Alliance International is a consortium of six Dutch organizations (Simavi, Akvo, Amref Flying Doctors, ICCO, Aidenvironment/RAIN and WASTE), working together with local NGOs, governments and businesses in Asia and Africa to make sure everybody on this planet has sustainable access to water and sanitation. In Africa we run programs in Ghana, Mali, Benin, Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya. In Asia, we work in Nepal and Bangladesh. In these countries we set up local alliances that enable us to make optimal use of local knowledge and networks and tap into existing WASH structures. More information can be found at:  


logo-emfThe Ecological Management Foundation (EMF) and its younger business development spin-off, Micro Water Facility (MWF) are independent, typical non-profit, network organizations. To maximize efficiency, they share the same director and board of directors: their common head office is quartered in Amsterdam and staffed by a committed group of employees.

The foundations are run by a director supported by a board of governors. A secretariat looks after the foundations’ day-to-day affairs, while the director and governors look after the various projects and ventures. The activities of Micro Water Facility have been assumed by Aidenvironment with effect from 2015, while EMF remains an independent foundation housed at and managed by Aidenvironment. EMF invests in innovative pilot projects that fit the agenda of the Land and Water Management Cluster within Aidenvironment.