Aidenvironment believes in a sustainable world where there is respect for people and nature, where irreversable damage to ecosystems is avoided, where global production, trade, finance and consumption are fair and sustainable, and where governments, companies and civil society organizations work together, each in their own way, for a sustainable world where low human development levels are a thing of the past.

Our ambition as a consultancy is to play an active part in realizing this vision for the future. Our mission, therefore, is to advise, support and encourage decision makers and opinion leaders in realizing their ambitions for sustainability.

What sets us apart are the five core principles that underpin all our work: enterprise, independence, linkage, commitment and our focus on results.

Aidenvironment Asia

  • We recognize the significant contribution a market-oriented approach can make to improving levels of sustainability.
  • We help to formulate and realize new sustainability initiatives, sometimes by temporarily bringing them in house.
  • We invest in exploring new fields of work and generate enthusiasm among our clients to carry these forward.
  • We work for governmental bodies, companies and civil society organizations from a position of independence.
  • We advise our clients on the basis of factual evidence and objective analyses.
  • We make the interests of local communities a major consideration in our ideas for improvement.
  • We strive for change based on dialogue and cooperation, and bring parties together.
  • We reveal the connections between nature conservation and poverty reduction, between science and practice, and between sustainability and entrepreneurship.

  • We tackle challenging sustainability problems, drawing on our knowledge and experience in the field to come up with ideas for real solutions.
  • We are driven by a sense of urgency to prevent further ecological damage and underdevelopment.
Focus on results
  • We help build momentum for change in our clients and in the world around us.
  • We formulate advice on strategy and policy that is practical and geared to implementation.
  • We know how to define, measure, describe and depict the longer-term project results and sustainability effects.
"Aidenvironment is a value-driven, independent, not-for-profit consultancy addressing sustainability issues"
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