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Making Sectors and Value Chains more Sustainable

Sustainable Value ChainsThis has been part of our core activity for more than twenty years. We offer structured and integrated approaches to sector transformation and responsible business development. Agricultural, forestry, fishery and mining sectors are under pressure. Growing consumption, climate change and poor sector governance bring stress. Production and trade are confronted by increasing economic, social and environmental challenges. Stakeholders – both in and outside the sector – feel compelled to act.
We can help to:
  • Assess sustainability risk and impact for investments and projects.
  • Translate sustainability issues into financial risks with Chain Reaction Research (link).
  • Develop sector diagnostics and transformation strategies.
  • Design inclusive business models and smallholder support systems.
  • Research and advise on innovative models of sustainability standard.
  • Measure change and impact through monitoring & evaluation systems.


Solutions to make a Value Chain (more) Sustainable: