5 Lessons Every WASH Professional Should Learn

On World Water Day, the WASH Alliance International –  of which RAIN is a founding member –  presented 5 key lessons every WASH professional should learn to really start realising Sustainable Development.

Goal 6: “Universal access to water and sanitation”


Without a doubt the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) should be on top of the agendas of business, governmental and societal leaders all over the world. But now the first hurdle of formulating these 17 highly ambitious goals has been taken, a new challenge arises: how are we going to realise them?

For the WASH Alliance International, achieving SDG6 “Universal access to water and sanitation”, means making sure that:

  1. Everybody has access to safe water and sanitation before 2030;
  2. We take into account the environment while making sure everybody has access to water and sanitation;
  3. Everybody has access to safe water sources and sanitation locally financed;
  4. Really everybody has access to safe water and sanitation;
  5. Everybody remains to have access to safe water and sanitation after 2030.

As part of the WAI, RAIN believes that only by working together will we be able to achieve this goal. We need to learn and innovate together and share everything we have learned to realise WASH for everyone, forever. So, to contribute to the world’s joint effort to achieve SDG6, the WAI wants to share these 5 key lessons we believe every WASH professional should learn. Please explore the lessons further here.

RAIN is a brand of Aidenvironment, setting up programs and projects focusing on rainwater harvesting and 3R techniques.

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