Aidenvironment Newsletter December 2015

In 2015 Aidenvironment grew to 50 employees, across  our offices in the Netherlands and Indonesia. We are particularly proud of what we have contributed this year to a decline in threats to deforestation and peat lands by palm oil expansion, to the position of smallholders in sector transformation, and to improving access to water for consumption and (food) production.

This newsletter focuses on our land and water management cluster of consultancy services and programs

This cluster saw the light of day as the result of the merger between Aidenvironment, RAIN, and the Micro Water Facility. The team comprises consultants from different backgrounds based in The Netherlands, Indonesia, Mali, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. Combining the unique skills and knowledge of these different organizations, this team supports its clients in the strategy, design, implementation, and evaluation of programs and businesses that are geared towards increasing access to land and water for consumption and production.

We are proud to announce the following achievements of our team, and invite you to contact us to see how we can support you.

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