Aidenvironment Opens East Africa Office in Uganda!

We are proud to inform you that a branch office of Aidenvironment is now registered in Kampala, Uganda. Our aim in the short term is to expand our activities in project and program evaluation, and in the planning, research, and demonstration (through pilot projects) of how water and related resources should be managed in an integrated way at the catchment, micro-catchment, community, and household levels. At the same time, we will grow our portfolio on agricultural value chains.
Under our brand name RAIN, we have been active in East Africa for many years. Together with our strong base of in-house experience and the expertise in our Uganda office, this extensive track record in the region provides a solid platform for future collaboration.
Working with partners under the RAIN flag we have already set up and implemented projects and programs on integrated management of landscapes and micro-catchments (Uganda and Kenya), innovative approaches to water financing (Uganda, Rwanda), and improving community resilience to climate risks (Tanzania). We have trained government officials, workers and communities on integrated catchment/watershed management (Uganda, Rwanda), co-developed (micro) catchment management plans, established catchment management organizations (Uganda), and given partners and clients concrete recommendations for improving program or project design and implementation (Uganda, Rwanda).
In addition, we have evaluated programs on child labor (Uganda), artisanal mining (Uganda, Tanzania), land rights (Uganda), governance and human rights (Rwanda), and livelihood development involving agriculture value chains, access to microfinance, and community-
based water resources management (Rwanda).
For more information please contact James Williams Kisekka, Associate Team Leader of the East Africa Office, or visit our new office at:
Plot 99 Luthuli Avenue, Kampala Uganda