Aidenvironment supports IDH’s Child Labour Platform

Aidenvironment supports the Child Labour Platform, an initiative hosted by the Dutch Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH). The Child Labour Platform is a business network that serves to accelerate the eradication of child labour. Thirty companies from four sectors (cocoa, cotton, textiles, mining, and tourism) have been brought together to exchange lessons learned and provide advice to governments and investors. In line with the UN Human Rights and Business Framework (so-called Ruggie framework), good practices in the field of child labour are being developed. The Child Labour Platform closely cooperates with the UN Global Compact, the ILO and civil society organizations.

Earlier this year Aidenvironment supported the IDH Strategy Group in creating a
dashboard and 15 templates to describe the progress made on the commodities
involved in its action plan. The dashboard and templates formed the input for the meetings of the strategy group. For this, we used a methodology that has proved successful on many occasions in supporting our clients in tracking progress on social businesses and sustainability programs. The methodology is based on a solid and effective framework and makes use of user-friendly tools.

For more information contact Marina d’Engelbronner-Kolff.