Aidenvironment supports WASH Alliance International Partners with Monitoring and Evaluation of their Projects

RAIN (a brand of Aidenvironment) is partner of the WASH Alliance International (WAI) a consortium with over 100 partners worldwide that together make sure everyone has sustainable access to water and sanitation. In seven different countries, the WAI supports civil society organizations in implementing programs that improve sustainable access to and use of safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene.  After a five-year program (2011-2015), the alliance received an additional 6 million euros to continue their work in 2016.
Aidenvironment supports the WAI partners in the Netherlands and their southern partners with the monitoring and evaluation of their projects by assisting with the development and implementation of evaluation framework, data collection, analysis and reporting.

trainingAt the end of 2016 an outcome measurement will be carried out by the partners in all countries. Aidenvironment together with the WAI facilitated a training in Nairobi, Kenya for all in-country project monitoring and evaluation officers (PME’er) on how to set up and organize the outcome measurement in their countries.

During a four- day training the participants were trained on what we want to measure, which data needs to be collected and how this can be done. The outcome measurement will be coordinated by the in-country PME’ers and carried out by the southern partners. The measurement consists of a household survey and additional interviews and focus group discussions.

The training was very interactive and together with the participants we further improved the questionnaire, discussed how the household survey should be carried out and what different tools can be used to collect additional data.
The training has prepared the in-country PME’er to set up, coordinate and train the southern partners on the outcome measurement for 2016.


For more information please contact Yvon Meltzer