Aidenvironment to Speak at Economist Indonesia Summit 2017

Eric Wakker, Manager Corporate Sustainability and Co-Founder at Aidenvironment Asia, participated at the Economist Events’ Indonesia Summit 2017 on a panel discussing deforestation and sustainable standards on April 20, 2017 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Each year, Indonesia’s farmers set fire to thousands of hectares of forests to make way for new plantations in an effort to meet global demand for palm oil. The economic gains are used as excuses for the environmental damage, but what excuses are there for the deaths of thousands of Indonesians last year because of the fires? Unclear land laws complicate attempts to solve the problem, and flimsy, disconnected government directives go unheeded because of corruption and a lack of political will. A coordinated effort from government, the private sector and civil society will be required if things  are to get better.

What steps is the government taking to stem deforestation? What is being done to support farmers and landowners? How can local and multinational corporations ensure they act responsibly? And which sectors can economically benefit from sustainable forests?

Indonesia Summit 2017 will bring together policymakers, leaders from foreign and domestic businesses, academia and international experts to debate whether Indonesia’s president, Joko Widodo, has done enough to get Indonesia back on track.

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