Aidenvironment’s 30 Year Anniversary

Jan Joost Kessler amuses the crowd with a few funny anecdotes Photo: Judith Knibbe

On Thursday 19 September Aidenvironment celebrated its 30th anniversary at our office in Amsterdam. We welcomed about 75 current and former colleagues and Supervisory Board members. Each has contributed in their own way to what the organization has become today. Founder Bart Romijn kicked off the proceedings by looking back at the early days and Annemieke Beekmans, our current Executive Director, showed what Aidenvironment has developed into: an international organization employing 70 people in three offices, in the Netherlands, Indonesia, and Uganda. Over the past 30 years Aidenvironment has held fast to its mission: making production and trade more sustainable by providing research and advice to frontrunners. We push for the sustainable use of natural resources, such as water and forests, and strive to improve living wages and ban child labor from product supply chains.

Photo: Judith Knibbe

We would like to thank everyone who celebrated our anniversary with us.