Annemieke Beekmans Director and Executive Board member of Aidenvironment

It is my great pleasure to inform you that our Supervisory Board has appointed Annemieke Beekmans as Director and Executive Board member of Aidenvironment. Together Annemieke and I will form the Executive Board of Aidenvironment. Annemieke will be in charge of our office in The Netherlands, while I will be moving to our South East Asia office in Indonesia. This change reflects our recent growth both in the Netherlands and South-East Asia, and we believe that it will enable us to further strengthen our services to clients and partners.

Annemieke Beekmans joined Aidenvironment six years ago, and many of you will have met her. For those of you who haven’t: Annemieke has a background in sociology and  business administration, and worked for over 15 years in Latin America and Africa before joining Aidenvironment. In recent years she has led a large number of projects and headed our Sustainability Analysis and Tools cluster.
I am sure you will want to join me in congratulating Annemieke on her new appointment and wish her and the company continued success in the future.

Peter de Haan