Asia Office an Increasingly Effective Player in Sustainable Palm Oil Industry

Our Asia office is an increasingly prominent player in the palm oil industry as a partner for improving sustainable practices. Aidenvironment’s Asia office currently employs 23 staff to cater for the rapid growth in assignments and partnerships in the Asia-Pacific region.

Our Asia office focuses on assisting the palm oil industry to adopt sustainable practices. Aidenvironment first engaged the sector in critical debate in 1998 and it took some years before palm oil refiners and growers in Asia came to understand our case. Our critical studies have an increasing receptive response and senior executives of local companies regularly invite us to explain our findings, which often lead to requests to assist them in their transformation to sustainability. Two of our industry partners have even agreed to set aside thousands of hectares of tropical forest for conservation.

We expect to engage with more palm oil traders, plantation companies and investors in the coming months to meet market demand for sustainability. , For example, the market demands traceability of the product back to the source, but growers justifiably question the purpose of this: once a commodity is traceable, how does the market help to deliver sustainable practices? This is yet to be clarified.