Better Decision-Making about Large Dams with a View to Sustainable Development

Aidenvironment provided the ad hoc secretary for a working group to develop an advice to the Dutch government on better decision making about large dams.

The purpose of this advice is to provide updated insights to enable discussion on the options and instruments available for a donor, like DGIS, to contribute to more sustainable decision-making on large dams. To that end, the DSU has carried out a study of recent publications, and undertaken expert consultations, on the sustainability, cost-effectiveness and future perspectives of large dams. Experts were selected from different backgrounds (financial institutions, research institutes, consultants involved in decision-making on dams) to acquire an updated view of current thinking about dams and alternatives for more sustainable options. On the basis of the results of that study, the present advice has been developed. It includes some suggestions for policy which DGIS could further develop.  

The resulting report can be found on this public link.

For more information, please contact Jan Joost Kessler or Arnoud Keizer.