Better insights in impacts – Aidenvironment supports UTZ Certified with its first impact report

Aidenvironment is proud to have supported UTZ Certified in the development of its first impact report that was published in January 2014. The report shows that UTZ certified cocoa, coffee and tea farms reach higher yields and produce better crops compared to conventional farms. For UTZ Certified it is of fundamental importance to be able to demonstrate the impact of its program in a transparent way. There is an increasing demand and interest for evidence based impact research. The publication of UTZ Certified fits neatly in this development and couldn’t be timelier.


Aidenvironment analyzed 24 independent research studies conducted in South America, Africa and Asia. These studies provided a wealth of information, quantitative and qualitative, about direct and indirect impacts. Aidenvironment systematically ordered this information in a database, using a set of indicators that is based on the theory of change of the UTZ program. A thorough analysis of the database led to a concise overview of the main impacts, backed up by the independent research data. This formed the basis of the report as presented in January. It gives an overview of both the impact of the UTZ program and its outreach all over the world. We congratulate UTZ Certified with its publication!


Interested in the result? See the Impact Report 2014.


For more information contact David Thelen.