Biofuels Assignment New Notch on Aidenvironment’s Sustainability Standards Belt

Aidenvironment has won an assignment to assist the Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels in adapting its standard system to facilitate access to certification for small-scale farmers in developing countries. It is the latest in a long list of assignmentsthe consultancy has conducted on sustainability standards.


Over the past twelve months Aidenvironment has been called upon by a wide range of organizations to advise on standard development. It advised the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil on how to adapt its Standard for Group Certification so that groups of independent smallholders qualify for the GreenPalm Book&Claim scheme. Along with UTZ Certified, Aidenvironment is assisting the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform in developing a checklist for the Arable and Vegetable Crops and Fruits Standards.


The firm’s consultants are also helping Olam, a leading global integrated supply chain manager in agricultural products and food ingredients, in compiling a Supplier Code that addresses various sustainability issues. In addition, Aidenvironment is closely involved with the review of UTZ Certified’s codes of conduct and development of theGuidelines for Sustainable Rice Production for the Sustainable Rice Platform.


These different standard setting and certification initiatives tend to target similar impacts in the agricultural sector and may even involve the same partners. As an external consultant in all these initiatives, Aidenvironment is well positioned to promote synergies between them and hence contribute to consistency and efficiency in the landscape of voluntary sustainability standards.

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