CBI helps West African Exporters enter European Union

West African entrepreneurs have much to gain from access to European markets. Not only would they get a better price for their products, it would open up new markets for them as well as opportunities for long-term trading relationships. In the country of origin, increased export would bring economic growth and increased revenue for everyone in the supply chain – producers, traders, processors and exporters alike. But a number of obstacles bar exporters from developing countries from entering the European market.


The Netherlands-based Centre for the Promotion of Imports (CBI) offers services to facilitate export from these countries. Its ultimate aim is to stimulate sustainable economic growth in the country of origin. Its services range from marketing and business development to promotion and certification. In West Africa, CBI is currently developing programs for the fresh fruit and vegetables sectors and natural ingredients for food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics sectors. The latter includes nuts, herbs, spices, plant extracts, oils and fats.


On behalf of CBI, Aidenvironment is examining in which sectors in Ghana, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Mali and Benin a CBI program would be feasible and would significantly boost the growth of exports of specific fresh fruits and vegetables and natural ingredients from West Africa. The study will generate an understanding of the supply and demand side of the industry, including the bottlenecks that hamper export, and the policy, context and capacities that foster it. The outcome of the study will be used by CBI to draw up a detailed action plan that sets out the services CBI should deliver to facilitate export in the fresh fruit and vegetables and natural ingredients sectors in West Africa.


For more information contact Pim Pelders.