CoCooN Programme under Mid-Term Review

The mid-term evaluation of the seven knowledge, research and innovation projects of the Dutch government’s international CoCooN (Conflict and Cooperation over Natural Resources in Developing Countries) Programme has already shown that striking a balance between development and research is posing a major challenge, according to Aidenvironment, currently conducting the review.


Run by a consortium of partners from northern and southern research and non-research institutes, the CoCooN projects address local development issues, such as smallholder fisheries, the impacts of oil and mining activities, small-scale gold production and groundwater conflicts. The review involves country visits and workshops and evaluates ten different components of the projects, including relevance, management, internal learning and results on development, research and capacity building dimensions.


CoCooN is a knowledge, research and innovation program that aims to contribute to sustainable development, poverty reduction and the realization of the Millennium Development Goals.


Funded by the Directorate General of Development Cooperation of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, the overall objective of the program is to contribute to evidence-based policy development, interventions and practices in the field of conflict and cooperation on natural resources, and to adequately manage, resolve and learn from conflicts.

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