De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) cites CRR work on Stranded Land in Report on Sustainability Risks

The Chain Reaction Research paper on stranded land is cited in a new report by the Dutch Central Bank: “Op waarde geschat? Duurzaamheidsrisico’s en -doelen in de Nederlandse financiële sector”, in which the Bank states that scarcity of water and resources and a reduction in biodiversity forms a risk for the Dutch financial sector (banks, insurers and pension funds).

Page 28 of the report reads: “Finally, there are transition risks. Companies and financial institutions can face changes in their customers preference. In addition, the value of yet to develop land of companies can strongly reduce in value (stranded land), when a government take measures to prevent deforestation and change of land use.”


Read the full report here.

For more information on the work by CRR on standed land, contact Tim Steinweg.