Development of Framework for IUCN Policy Mainstreaming

Aidenvironment developed for IUCN an environmental and social management framework (ESMF), with underlying policies on Natural habitats, Involuntary resettlement and access restrictions, Indigenous peoples, Pest management, Physical cultural resources, Dams and other hydraulic infrastructures, Gender mainstreaming and Grievance mechanism. This policy was developed in order to comply with requirements for accreditation by the GEF (Global Environmental Fund), to avoid or minimize environmental and social impacts of IUCN projects (safeguard policy in World Bank jargon). Aidenvironment also developed the Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) which provides guidance on the process of screening, scoping, environmental and social assessment (ESIA) and subsequent monitoring and evaluation of social and environmental impacts of projects. To do so, the ESMS provides guidelines, checklists and frameworks. The expected impacts of a project will depend upon the magnitude, location, nature of impacts and project type. The expected impacts will determine the scope and intensity of the ESIA to be conducted in order to identify mitigation measures to minimize the negative impacts of a project. The aim is to apply these systems and procedures in all IUCN projects, starting out with the large GEF projects. Training will be provided to build up skills and capacities to implement these policy frameworks.


For more information contact Jan Joost Kessler.