Evaluation of the Partners for Water phase 3

Together Berenschot and Aidenvironment are conducting an evaluation of the Partners for Water phase 3 (2010 – 2015) program, managed by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This program was implemented by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP). The objectives were twofold: joining forces for a stronger international position of the Dutch water sector (government, industry, research institutes and NGOs) and contributing to solving water issues around the globe. This program focused on the themes of water security, water for food and ecosystems, drinking water and sanitation, water and climate and water governance.

The evaluation will provide insights into:

– the efficiency and effectiveness of the program;
– the relationship between the program components;
– the process organization and governance.

It will generate lessons learned for future policy in projects, programs, process organization and governance. It will provide recommendations for the monitoring and evaluation of the Partner for Water phase 4 program.
Aidenvironment’s role in this evaluation is the result of our long-term experience in international water management particularly in developing countries, as well our evaluation expertise. This is our first collaboration with  Berenschot and is  a sound basis for further collaboration.

Online survey for Dutch water sector players
Are you active in the Dutch water sector? Have you been involved in the Partners for Water (PfW) program? Please share your thoughts and insights on this program by taking 15 minutes to fill in the online survey. The Partners for Water (PfW) program has been supporting the Dutch water sector to strengthen its international position and contribute to solving water problems worldwide. You can access the online survey via Thank you!

For more information contact Basja Jantowski.