Facilitating RSPO Certification for Independent Smallholders

The Task Force on Smallholders of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) has been appointed to ensure independent smallholders can certify their produce and access the emerging market for RSPO certified palm oil. The Task Force is responsible for developing a workable system which removes the bottlenecks that currently exclude smallholders from the RSPO chain.


A number of these obstacles are related to the RSPO supply chain certification system. For example, groups of independent smallholders are unable to participate in the GreenPalm Book & Claim system. Another bottleneck is the unclarity over the documentation and additional checks required by group managers and auditors, respectively, to ensure the traceability of fresh fruit bunches originating from smallholders participating in a mass balance or segregated supply chain system.


Over the past few months the RSPO Task Force on Smallholders has facilitated various discussions to fully grasp these problems and devise viable solutions. The RSPO Secretariat has asked Aidenvironment to accelerate this process by drawing up final recommendations for amendment and rewording of the RSPO Standard for Group Certification. Following research and stakeholder consultations over the past two months, Aidenvironment has submitted its recommendations for revising the standard. It is now up to the RSPO Task Force on Smallholders to implement these and open up the prospect of RSPO certification to new smallholder groups in the forseeable future.


For more information contact Jan Willem Molenaar.