Final Evaluation for Heifer International in Nepal

Aidenvironment is conducting the final evaluation of the ‘Strengthening Smallholder enterprises of livestock value chain for poverty reduction and economic growth in Nepal’ (SLVC) project for Heifer International in Nepal. The SLVC project aims to improve livelihoods in a sustainable way by enhancing the capacity of vulnerable smallholders farmers, especially women.

The project was implemented in Nepal by Heifer International from 2012 until 2017. Its main objective was to reduce imports of live goats by 30% and imports of milk by 10% by involving 138,000 smallholders in goat and dairy value chain enterprises in an effort to increase their family income and nutrition level. The final evaluation will provide insight into the program’s intended and unintended results.

The Aidenvironment team includes locally-based consultants and consultants based in The Netherlands. The team has conducted surveys in the mid hills and the lower Terai lands of Nepal. Other ways to obtain and validate information are through focus groups discussions with community groups and service providers and interviews with key stakeholders in the goat meat and dairy supply chains, from producers to local traders and buyers.

A critical aspect is understanding whether local goat and dairy producers have been able to improve their marketing in urban markets and what support from the SLVC project has helped them to do so.
The report will be published in November.

For more information, please contact Jan Joost Kessler.