Final impact Evaluation SNV WASH program in Ethiopia

In October Aidenvironment concluded the impact evaluation of SNV’s Water Sanitation and Health program in Ethiopia (from 2007 -2012). The evaluation indicates that the program contributed to improved access to sanitation for both households and at schools and at the same time the operations & maintenance of local water schemes improved. This means that more households have access to a latrine. At schools students have access to improved latrine facilities, however, although access to water at schools has significantly improved, still many schools do not have access to safe water  and not all latrines are well maintained. To obtain the information more than 1450 households and 30 local government staff were interviewed, 100 schools and 50 water schemed were visited. Quantitative and qualitative results were combined to assess whether defined impact pathways based on the project’s theory of change could be validated.  Local stakeholders validated the findings in a workshop.

For more information contact Jan Joost Kessler.