HarvestPlus launches biofortified seed

Aidenvironment recently facilitated multi-stakeholder workshops in Rwanda, Zambia and Nigeria to launch the delivery phase of HarvestPlus. During the last three years, HarvestPlus has researched the biofortification of staple crops in an effort to combat hidden hunger. The year 2010 marks the start of the delivery of biofortified products to the thousands of consumers that need to be reached.

HarvestPlus recognizes that mainstreaming the consumption of high-nutrient staple crops can only be achieved through a collaborative initiative with other stakeholders involved in seed distribution, extension services, trade, and nutrition. One of the outputs of the workshop is the creation of national networks of potential partner organizations. Another output is the outline of a tailor-made delivery program.

Hidden hunger is receiving increasing attention from national and international organizations. Several supplementation and fortification programs are being implemented, including the fortification of sugar and rice. Biofortification can create synergy with existing programs such as that for the supplementation of Vitamin A through local health centers in Nigeria or for sugar and flour in Zambia.