IDH Impact Monitoring Support

Aidenvironment is providing assistance to the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) on developing a performance and impact monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system for a range of commodity sector programs. One of the key areas for improvement in the new M&E framework is harmonizing indicators, definitions, and measurement methodologies across IDH’s commodity programs.

The starting point for the new framework was to define the IDH result areas and main result chain as well as the specific result chains for each commodity program. The aim when measuring field level impact is to move beyond certification and focus on measuring the most important outcome and impact level changes. In the economic sphere the focus is on measuring the adoption of good agricultural practices, yield improvements and improved incomes from the commodity, leading to household poverty reduction and food security. The most significant environmental impact areas are deforestation, toxic loading of agrochemicals and water stewardship. The main social impacts are creating working conditions that will improve producer/labor satisfaction and make the sector attractive to young people.

Special attention is being given to obtaining better information on IDH’s role in sector transformation, including changes in business practices and sector governance. Systemic changes in the sector are a precondition for enabling field level changes and for sustaining and upscaling the field level improvements. To capture the relevant changes at different levels, Aidenvironment and IDH have developed new quantitative and qualitative indicators and monitoring protocols.

For more information contact Jan Joost Kessler.