IDH Palm Oil Program in Indonesia

IDH accelerates and upscales sustainable trade by building impact-oriented coalitions of front-running companies, civil society organizations, governments and other stakeholders that can deliver progress towards the Millennium Development Goals 1 (poverty reduction), 7 (safeguarding the environment) and 8 (fair and transparent trade). We have been working with IDH since it was launched. In 2013 Aidenvironment assessed the Lestari Tea business case and advised on the IDH Palm Oil Program in Indonesia.

The IDH Sustainable Palm Oil Program aims to increase the sustainable production of palm oil by improving the productivity of smallholders in existing production areas. The study we conducted comprised a mapping exercise, an assessment of the business case for farmers, traders and mills, and a blueprint for innovative business models for use in implementing the program.

The IDH Palm Oil Program in Indonesia takes three supply sheds for Palm Oil as a starting point.  Aidenvironment’s Asia office, based in Bogor, used satellite images, digital maps, and in-depth fieldwork to retrieve data on mills, forest land and smallholders, and map the physical situation on the ground. The fieldwork also generated data to feed into our financial models to calculate scenarios for making farm-level improvements. IDH will use the outcomes of our studies in preparing the program and drafting fund applications.

For more information contact Frederik Claasen.