Inauguration of Forest Corridor as Part of Aidenvironment’s Landscape Program

Aidenvironment Asia, partner in the IDH supported sustainable landscape program in Ketapang, was invited to see the first results of our landscape cooperation that started two years ago.

Bumitama Biodiversity and Community Project (BBCP) is a joint initiative of Bumitama Gunajaya Agro and Aidenvironment Asia that is supported by IDH – the Sustainable Trade Initiative. Among other activities, BBCP aims to create connectivity between two important forest areas in Ketapang: Sungai Putri Peat Forest and Gunung Tarak Protected Forest. By restoring a forest corridor of 1,100 hectares between these forest blocks, endemic and protected forest animal species, including orangutan and other primates, are able to migrate again. BBCP works closely with people from the surrounding villages in patrolling, monitoring, collecting seeds and replanting. In total, BBCP works in eight villages that have developed village level land use plans for sustainable social and economic development.

The corridor was inaugurated on 26 March, at which occasion, the BBCP team showed the tree nursery with seedlings of local tree species collected from the forest. Enrichment planting in the corridor has started last rainy season. A jungle track has been established in the corridor for both patrolling and tourism purposes. Along the track, a 16-meter-high watchtower has been erected for forest fire monitoring. Currently, the project is preparing several organic farming demonstration sites for vegetables, forest fruit trees, and cattle and chicken farming. These sites will be used for training of Good Agricultural Practices of farmers from the eight villages.

About the partnership

Since 2015 Aidenvironment Asia has partnered with Bumitama Gunajaya Agro in the implementation of the company’s zero-deforestation policy and later in the establishment of a landscape program in Ketapang district, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. The program, starting in 2016, is supported by IDH The Sustainable Trade Initiative and aims for sustainable local development while protecting valuable natural areas.

For more information, please contact Peter de Haan.