Infographic on Aidenvironment’s Services in M&E Design

From its experience, Aidenvironment sees an increasing need to effectively demonstrate the sustainability performance of organizations, programs and investments. Measuring its impact can provide businesses, development agencies and foundations with valuable insights into the effectiveness of their activities and enables them to learn from mistakes and claim success.  

Performance data allows an organization to show how it contributes to societal change and can guide future strategy and decisions. It also proves to donors, investors and beneficiaries that the organization cares about improving its delivery, is reflective and can be held accountable. Moreover, being transparent about impact increases engagement from external stakeholders and motivates employees as they see the progress they are contributing towards.

Impact on people or society is difficult to quantify and verify, and evidence based information is needed to determine effectiveness and make meaningful impact claims. Aidenvironment can help organizations measure such impact. The infographic, as presented below, explains the different services Aidenvironment can offer in designing and supporting an impact measurement system.

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