IOI Group, Aidenvironment and Global Environment Centre launch the South Ketapang Landscape Initiative

The South Ketapang Landscape Initiative is a result of IOI Group’s commitment to develop a collaborative way to tackle the most common and critical issues such as peatland management, biodiversity and wildlife protection, flood and fire prevention and control, and community livelihood development within the ecologically diverse South Ketapang landscape. The South Ketapang landscape encompasses an area of about 500,000 hectares, of which about 40,000 hectares consist of IOI’s oil palm concessions.

The initiative will forge partnerships among companies operating in the area, local government, communities and civil society which will be guided by a shared vision on sustainable development and conservation. It will involve novel approaches and deliveries such as legally securing conservation (HCV and HCS) areas, and will capitalize on opportunities presented by the Indonesian land reform and social forestry policy.

Aidenvironment, a foundation with offices in Bogor and Ketapang, Indonesia, with expertise in sustainable landscape management and Global Environment Centre, a non-profit organization specializing in community-based peatland management, together with IOI are the implementing partners for this landscape initiative.

The initiative is expected to be implemented over 5 years in stages, with the first 12-month program starting in October 2018.

For more information, please contact Fenneke Brascamp

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