Key Sustainability Aspects to be Monitored by WASH

The Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Alliance – in short: WASH Alliance- is developing a framework that consistently measures and improves the key sustainability aspects of its activities. Aidenvironment is advising the Alliance on the design of this framework.

The Dutch-based WASH Alliance and its partners strive to systematically adhere tofive key sustainability principles, known as the FIETS principles: Financial, Institutional, Environmental, Technical and Socio-cultural.


The first step in designing the framework was to gain an insight into the national monitoring system in two pilot countries – Uganda and Ghana. IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre carried out an assessment of the systems currently in place and evaluated the interest among local partners in sustainable monitoring. This phase was recently concluded, resulting in a draft monitoring framework. During the second phase, the draft framework will be tested in the two selected pilot countries.


Aidenvironment has in-depth expertise in performing social and environmental impact assessments and designing impact assessment tools. Read about other such projects.


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