Knowledge sharing on community based water interventions in Rwambu, Uganda

Recent years have seen a growing interest in landscape based solutions for water management in East Africa. To improve water use by local communities, Aidenvironment, together with the Uganda Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE) and our local partner JESE, organized a knowledge sharing event in the wetlands of Rwambu, Uganda. The event was attended by 40 professionals mainly from East Africa.
At this event, we welcomed in particular, project staff from Igunga Tanzania – where we have commenced work with Heifer International and the 3R consortium. This project is quite similar to whate we have been doing in Rwanbu: the integration of buffering and recharge technologies that lead to an increase of the ground water level.

The knowledge sharing event touched the topic of innovative financing models for integrated landscape or catchment based approaches. A special publication is on its way.

For more information contact James W. Kisekka.