Learning to Grow

Aidenvironment was founded in 1988. We have enjoyed good years and weathered tough times. Our founder, Bart Romijn wanted to create a not-for-profit consultancy that would serve to create bridges between people, institutions and interests. Nearly three decades on, Aidenvironment still flourishes and our current directors, Peter de Haan and Annemieke Beekmans, continue to pursue this agenda.

Right from the start, Aidenvironment was active in South East Asia, but we grew when Eric Wakker opened a project office in Malaysia. We expanded into the region because of the high demand for services in the field of social and environmental sustainability. Once we were present in the region, we developed the vision to build an organization of professional consultants from Indonesia. In 2009, we opened our representative office in 2009 with a staff of four and today we employ 25 people in Indonesia, most of whom are nationals. The transfer of knowledge and skills is part of the daily routine of our international staff whose expertise is equally enriched by the perspectives from our Indonesian staff.

Instead of charging our clients “hour-by-hour”, our Asia office today mostly engages clients in true partnerships which involves mutual investment towards a shared goal. We find this model to be both the most challenging and the most rewarding. 

Meeting team

Meeting with a plantation company and NGO at the Aidenvironment Asia office, 2015