Making the Case for Ecosystem Restoration

Aidenvironment will soon start an analysis of ecosystem restoration projects run by the Ecosystem Alliance. The Ecosystem Alliance is a partnership between IUCN NL,Both ENDS and Wetlands International. Working through an international network of NGOs, the Alliance helps local communities to manage and use ecosystems in a sustainable way.

The outcomes of the analysis will provide information for promoting the importance of ecosystem restoration projects and the added value of the Ecosystem Alliance in this field. At the same time, the results will contribute to the internal learning processes within the Alliance and IUCN NL and to improving the Alliance’s current and future projects. It will also give IUCN NL greater insight into how to achieve long-term results and how to embed ecosystem-related projects into the IUCN strategy. Ecosystem restoration is a good example of the landscape approach, in which Aidenvironment has an increasing interest. This holistic approach involves many different actors and can have a positive impact on sustainable development. The assessment for the Ecosystem Alliance ties in well with earlier work by Aidenvironment for IUCN’s SUSTAIN program in Tanzania.

For more information contact Annemieke Beekmans.