Market Research in the Water Sector of 12 Developing Countries

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Dutch Water Partnership appointed Aidenvironment to carry out a market study in 12 developing and emerging countries to find opportunities and product market combinations that will strengthen the position of the Dutch water sector.

The appointment was based on Aidenvironment’s track record in setting up water programs and businesses in developing countries. Our consultancy managed the RAIN Foundation programs, the business development support provided by Micro Water Facility, and the water business incubator of the Ecological Management Foundation.

The Aidenvironment Water, Ecosystems and Business Development (WEB) Cluster carried out the assignment in the period from October 2014 to April 2015 and worked closely with Panteia, Chris Engelsman, and Jan Oomen. The 12 countries in the study are Mali, South Sudan, Palestine, and Yemen (fragile countries); Rwanda, Mozambique, Ethiopia, and Benin (slow pace transition countries); and Bangladesh, Ghana, Indonesia, and Kenya (fast pace transition countries). All these countries are within the scope of the Dutch Government’s Water OS (development cooperation) program. Aidenvironment expects to publish the deliverables – 12 country reports and a management summary – in May 2015.

The country reports provide high quality practical information on the status quo of the water sector in these countries (pressing issues, institutional structure, legislation, policies), potential demand (promising opportunities, product market combinations, and current interests of the Dutch water sector), and effective positioning strategies (trends, future opportunities, market entry strategies, potential partners). The aim of these reports is to support the Dutch Water Partnership and Dutch Embassies in positioning the Dutch water sector and to trigger Dutch water sector players to become active in developing countries.

For more information contact Frederik Claasen.