Meet our new staff members Hilde van Dijkhorst, Rommert Schram and Gracia Plenita Agnindhira

Hilde van Dijkhorst
Hilde started working at Aidenvironment on 1 February 2017 as a consultant in the Social and Environmental Risk and Impact Cluster. She has a background in rural development and conflict and disaster studies. Hilde obtained her PhD for research into the post-conflict recovery of rural livelihoods in Angola. Prior to joining Aidenvironment, she worked at Wageningen University as a researcher and project coordinator for research programs on disaster risk reduction and human security in fragile states. She has experience in policy-relevant, academic, and applied research, and evaluations in the rural policy and aid domains. She has done extensive fieldwork in Angola and Botswana.

Rommert Schram
Rommert holds a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering with a specialization in Irrigation and Water Resources Management. For the past 15 years he worked in Africa, Asia and Europe on agriculture, rural development, irrigation, water resources management, and renewable energy projects. In this period he gained broad experience in planning, raising finance, management and implementation of large, complex multi-sector projects in the field of agriculture, outgrower development, water resources management and irrigation. Rommert joined Aidenvironment in March 2017 as manager of the Land and Water cluster and will be part of the management team in Amsterdam.

Gracia Plenita Agnindhira
Agnindhira holds a degree in Environmental Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung and a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from TU Delft, where she specializes in water resources management, hydrology, and remote sensing. Prior to her Master’s study, Agnindhira was involved in several, private and public funded WASH programs in urban and rural areas in Java, Indonesia. Her research interests are trans-boundary water resources management, soil water modeling, sustainable urban drainage system, and WASH. Agnindhira will be part of the team of the new Sustainable Landscapes cluster, which started in January 2017 in Bogor. Her activities range from data handling, product development, to acquisition support.