New Technology Pushes Mapping Exercises to Next Level

In May 2012, when the oil palm grower Bumitama Agri was first listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange, its share issue was 31 times oversubscribed. The following year, Bumitama Agri was targeted by several NGOs about its land clearance activities. Aidenvironment contributed to the research for a campaign by Friends of the Earth.

In December 2013, Bumitama staff first visited Aidenvironment’s Asia office to request assistance to ensure the group’s compliance with RSPO. After a series of meetings at senior management level and a joint field visit with Rabobank and RSPO, a partnership agreement was signed between Bumitama Agri and Aidenvironment in May 2014.

Aidenvironment has since helped PT KML to map the concession’s vegetation cover and land use in extraordinary detail. Earlier in 2014, Aidenvironment acquired a remotely piloted aircraft (“drone”) with a camera that can take photographs at 10 centimeters resolution. The 18,000 hectare concession was fully photographed in a week. Combined with advanced GIS analysis and participatory mapping, the information obtained from the imagery was a tremendous improvement on earlier studies and surveys. PT KML is now incorporating the new maps into a revised estate development plan.

Aidenvironment and Bumitama will roll out the partnership with innovative approaches to the emerging market demand for “100% traceability”. We will cover this story upon completion of the field trials.

For more information contact Eric Wakker.