Newsletter Aidenvironment Asia: Impacts of No Deforestation Policies

There is no shortage of newsletters and other publications that laud or criticize recent efforts by the palm oil industry to achieve its commitments to transform towards sustainability. Few of these proactively aim to reach out to NGOs and other civil society actors on the ground, be it with background on social activism, environmental justice or otherwise.

Aidenvironment first started to uplift local concerns over unsustainable oil palm practices to global audiences in 1997. In recent years, we see those concerns being taken more seriously than ever before. In fact, we see an increasing number of mainstream Asian companies firmly embracing sustainability.

We consider it essential that the civil society in Southeast Asia engages in the process of change because it offers opportunity to save forests and peat lands, sort out long-lasting social conflicts and influence policy. Such is only possible when civil society actors have insight in the change that is being achieved and the challenges faced.  

A next step is to see civil society, companies and government engage with each other to avoid or not to repeat wrongdoings of the past with a perspective into the longer-term future.”

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