There is Never a Dull Day in Oil Palm – Read our Newsletter from Aidenvironment Asia

This month, Aidenvironment will have worked on palm oil issues for 20 years. Friends sometimes ask me; how do I keep it up? Well, every month, there is a new report, a new scandal, a new issue, a new court ruling… There is never a dull day in oil palm.

Still, it would not be interesting to spend so much of a team’s time and effort on a single crop if that was all that it was. What makes oil palm so interesting is its representation of wider issues: such as democratisation in South East Asia, reducing markets’ impact on global warming, market leverage to promote human rights, voluntary regulation versus laws…

But what keeps everyone’s interest in this industry alive is the enormous scale of impact that oil palm has. Positive, most of us eat palm oil daily and many livelihoods depend on the crop; and negative because the rate of destruction remains unacceptably fast, its scale unprecedented.

In this newsletter, we briefly elaborate on the question of scale for anyone who doubts whether this industry is still worth your time and effort: it is! There is still a lot of forest and peat land that is set to be cleared for oil palm.

Another reason to keep on it is to see an ever-increasing number of companies adopt these “No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation” policies. We will open with an update by individual company group. In our feature story, we present some background to the traceability agenda. Why do companies spend so much money on this, what are the results and dilemmas involved?”

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