Nuestra Quenca Guascoran: ‘our watershed Guascoran’

At the start of this year we asset up a  program, together with IUCN, iDE and FUNDER, with Swiss Development and Cooperation entitled: Community Watershed Management for Adaptation to Climate Change and Reducing Disaster Risk of the Dry Corridor in Honduras. For obvious reasons this rapidly abbreviated to “our watershed Guascoran.” Our responsibilities includes  assistance for and promotion of water harvesting and management, particularly in:

1) monitoring and evaluation;
2) promoting the program’s visibility, improving knowledge management and supporting lobbying activities;
3) providing technical support for rainwater harvesting and a watershed approach in the program.

Together with our new representative in Honduras, Orlando Mejía we operate in a niche complementing the other members of the consortium: advising on technical and organizational aspects of watershed approaches. IUCN supports government management institutions in the catchment. IDE and Funder provide agricultural extension services to farmers and access to drip irrigation kits.

For more information contact Maarten Onneweer.