Opportunities and Challenges of Zero Deforestation Commitments in Peru

Research conducted by Aidenvironment and its Chain Reaction consortium partners on Grupo Palmas – Peru’s largest producer, refiner, and exporter of palm oil – clearly highlights the opportunities and challenges arising from the company’s adoption of a zero deforestation commitment.

In response to the growing deforestation in biodiverse rich areas in the Peruvian Amazon, the Peruvian government set itself a goal of reducing net deforestation to zero by 2021. Key to achieving this goal is getting companies to commit to zero deforestation. Our research on Grupo Palmas highlights the business opportunities created by the shift to a zero deforestation approach, but also shows that if Grupo Palmas proceeds to develop any of its undeveloped concessions it could expose itself to a number of business risks. The adoption of a no deforestation policy gives Grupo Palmas a competitive advantage over its main competitors by becoming the market leader for zero deforestation in Peru. The study indicates that zero deforestation commitments are not only good for the planet, but also for business and for company reputations. Please click here for more information on our research on Grupo Palmas.

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