Opportunities for the Dutch Water Sector in Mozambique: In-Depth Market Information

In a follow-up to an elaborate market study in 12 Water OS countries, Aidenvironment combined two market studies of the Mozambique water sector. This provides a wealth of information for parties in the Dutch water sector looking for opportunities in Mozambique.

In May 2015 Aidenvironment published 12 market studies on the 12 “Water OS” countries (in the Dutch government’s “aid and trade” program). This summer, Aidenvironment and Water is Essential combined their market studies of the Mozambique water sector in a report that provides insight into the Mozambique water market and identifies opportunities for the Dutch water sector. The report and appendices can be downloaded here:

Link report
Link appendices

Aidenvironment advises Dutch water sector players on projects, programs, and business development. Our aim is to stimulate the export of innovative Dutch water products and know-how to developing countries. We believe the Dutch water sector is in a good position to improve the water sector in developing countries, combining aid with trade in the process.

Solid market information is the basis for market expansion. Our consultants are familiar with international water markets and the local situations in many developing countries. Our team can advise you on how to capture opportunities and bring your proposition in line with social and environmental development goals, opening up opportunities for additional financial support and strengthening your international profile and reputation.

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