Optimizing Community Content in Camp Management and Catering in Uganda

SNV Uganda hired Aidenvironment to provide coaching in the review, adaptation and implementation of an inclusive business model for camp management and catering companies with a view to optimizing its community content.


Camp management and catering companies offer an opportunity to develop community content in terms of community employability and the supply of goods and services. Important lessons can be learned from the different pre-qualified camp management and catering companies about the opportunities, motivation and limitations in optimizing community content in their business model.


SNV Uganda advises Total E&P Uganda on ways to optimize community content in camp management and catering that benefit both the business and the low-income segment of the impacted communities.


The IFC Sustainability Framework will serve as a basis for all tasks. The IFC Community Development Resource Guide for Companies and the IFC Good Practice Handbook for Companies on Stakeholder Engagement are of particular importance here, as are the IFC Performance Standards 1 (Assessment and management of environmental and social risks and impacts) and 2 (Labor and working


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