Partnership between Aidenvironment and Musim Mas

Musim Mas is one of the companies that has adopted a ‘No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation – NDPE’ policy. More information on this policy can be found in the news item ‘Aidenvironment takes up a lead role in halting deforestation’. The NDPE policy applies extends to companies that sell their crude palm oil to Musim Mas, the so-called third party suppliers. In our new partnership with Musim Mas, we support the company on three levels: suppliers’ compliance (both direct and third-party suppliers), landscape management and policy implementation.

In 2016, Aidenvironment will conduct supplier risk assessments for over 100 mills and concessions that Musim Mas operates itself as well as assess compliance of third party suppliers with the NDPE policy. Furthermore, Aidenvironment will support Musim Mas in indentifying and setting up landscape programs that contribute to increasing sustainability in the supply chain at the landscape level. These landscape programs involve multiple parties such as the local government. Finally, Aidenvironment will engage with Musim Mas suppliers for their adoption of NDPE policies and will monitor their commitment to these policies.