POIG trial audit indicators

In April 2014, the Palm Oil Innovation Group released the first version of the Charter indicators. The first trial audits against the indicators were undertaken by POIG grower members Agropalma and DAABON as well as founding member New Britain Palm Oil. The purpose of the audits was to assess compliance of the producers with the POIG Charter as well as trial the pilot indicators, and the audits were successful in both aims. All three companies – Agropalma, DAABON, and New Britain Palm Oil – were found to be aligned to the POIG Charter as there were no critical non-compliances with the pilot indicators, and the feedback from audits has been integrated into a formal indicator revision process.

The POIG Organising Committee is pleased to announce that the POIG Charter Indicators have been revised and released for Public Consultation. Click here to read the full article on the website of Palm Oil Innovation Group.


Click here to read the full report of Aidenvironment and Rainforest Alliance.


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