Providing Millions of Bangladeshi with Safe Water

Sujol aims to improve water quality in Bangladesh by implementing a unique combination of breakthrough water treatment technology (CapD-I) and micro entrepreneurship. Voltea B.V. has developed the CapD-I that purifies water by removing contaminating ions, such as arsenic and saline. Phase 1 of the project is currently in progress and the first device is up and running, turning out 120 liters of safe water every hour.

In March water quality tests showed that the Sujol water contained less than 50 ppb (parts per billion) arsenic and less saline. This surpasses the drinking water standard in Bangladesh! This is good news for all partners and financiers: the result means we can go ahead with the shipment of two more CapD-Is and the installation of water purification plants at two other locations.


Sujol is a social venture incubated by the Ecological Management Foundation (EMF). This foundation is housed and managed by Aidenvironment and a member of the latter’s incubator. Besides EMF, the incubator boasts two other independent foundations: Micro Water Facility and the RAIN Foundation.


In cooperation with Voltea B.V. and local partner Dhaka Ahsania Mission, EMF plans to establish some 30,000 financially independent micro water businesses in Bangladesh. These local entrepreneurs will maintain and operate the water treatment plant and sell the water to consumers.


Phase 1 will run until December 2012. This phase includes field-testing of the installation, performance and waste management of the CapD-I technology; socio-economic and marketing research on pricing and product/market combinations; identification of the most suitable water monitoring plan; investigation of the correlation between conductivity and arsenic concentration in the long run; and identification of potential micro finance partners for phases 2 and 3. In phase 2, a decision will be taken as to whether the business concept is suitable for up-scaling. If both phases are successful, a large-scale enterprise will be set up in phase 3.


For more information contact Frederik Claasen.