Public-Private Partnerships in Development Cooperation – Potential and Pitfalls for Inclusive Green Growth

Public–private partnerships have become increasingly popular in global and Dutch development cooperation. The Dutch Directorate General for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation co-finances a substantial number of public–private partnerships in the fields of water and sanitation, food security and renewable energy, to enhance access to water, food and energy and thus contribute to economic development and poverty alleviation. Partnerships bring the private sector, civil society and public authorities together, a combination that is expected to improve public services delivery, enhance local representation and stimulate efficiency.

This study assesses the potential contribution of public–private partnerships to Inclusive Green Growth, which is one of the main goals of Dutch development cooperation. Inclusive Green Growth – or ‘the economics of sustainable
development’ – implies that growth should enhance welfare for both current (inclusive) and future (green) generations. This warrants attention for both ecological sustainability and the distribution of resource access.

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