Rain for Sale in Ethiopia

Rain for Sale (R4$) is an approach in which entrepreneurs are given support to start their own businesses selling collected rainwater. Support is given in the form of training and a balanced mix of credit and subsidy. The entrepreneurs are expected to make a financial contribution as well.

RAIN started R4$ in 2016 in Uganda, where the businesses started by the entrepreneurs are continuing without further intervention by RAIN/Aidenvironment. In 2017 we started R4$ in Rwanda, where we are now in the process of finalizing and documenting the results.

In 2018, in the framework of the WASH SDG program a feasibility study was done in the Central Rift area in Ethiopia, which indicated sufficient promise. In January 2019, Niels Lenderink and Getnet Aberra identified partners for a R4$ pilot in Ethiopia: NGOs for help with constructing rainwater harvesting tanks, microfinance institutions (MFIs) to manage the credits, and the district water offices to support awareness raising. Most MFIs were interested in including rainwater harvesting in their portfolio. The next steps are selecting and negotiating with partner organizations, and most importantly, the selection of entrepreneurs. The candidate pictured below certainly is interested; he had already constructed his own rainwater harvesting tank, which he uses to grow the lemons (in his hand) and other fruits and vegetables.

We hope to convince the MFIs in the near future that there  rainwater harvesting is a good business proposition and that they should promote it as a feasible business to their clients. RAIN has plans to combine the results of the R4$ pilots in Uganda, Rwanda, and Ethiopia into a larger R4$ program in East Africa.

For more information, please contact Niels Lenderink.