RAIN Makes Data IATI Compliant for Open Access

RAIN is an international networking organization that seeks to link people and organizations in the field of water harvesting. Sharing information in an open and transparent manner is therefore one of our key objectives. Accordingly, RAIN has decided to publish all its project data according to the IATI standard. IATI(International Aid Transparency Initiative) is an open standard format for the publication of information by organizations in the aid and development sector.
Open data sharing is of vital importance to RAIN as it will help us to expand our network and play a major role in shifting the water sector towards more effective use of rainwater. RAIN wants to reach to practitioners, policy-makers, decision-makers and the general public around the world. By working together and creating change we can make rainwater belong to everyone.

The IATI standard was established to make aid information more transparent and accessible. Sharing project data and lessons learned about rainwater harvesting is in RAIN’s DNA, so why not be a front-runner in IATI as well? RAIN has changed its project management procedures to make them more efficient, effective and transparent, and set up a new fully IATI compliant project management system, which was developed with Elydian, Akvo and Zimmerman & Zimmerman.

Data from RAIN’s projects in Burkina Faso, Mali, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Nepal, and the Netherlands since 2013 have been entered into the new system. All approved projects can now be viewed directly online at as well as at Akvo RSR, and The projects map provides easy access to all project information and latest updates.

RAIN has opened up its data from September 1th of 2014! More information: RAIN Newsletter or contact Basja Jantowski.